Leandro Grimi au Sporting

Le latéral gauche du Milan AC, Leandro Grimi, est sur le point de signer un contrat avec le Sporting Lisbonne.

Leandro Grimi va représenter le Sporting jusqu’à la fin de la saison sous forme de prêt.

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  1. José
    Posted March 6, 2008 at 10:00 am | Permalink

    There are many years that the one of the three greatest clubs of Portugal, one of those Sporting C. P. is knowned all over Europe !.
    It’s very strange that most of the newspaper ( important newspaper ), still give a false information about the Sporting C. P. during all these years till today, I mean when the papers write about Sporting, they write : Sporting Club of Lisbon and that is totally false… I explain : the abbreviation C.P. following Sporting means Clube de Portugal, the next clube of Sporting Clube of Portugal also great club of Portugal I mean: Benfica has the abreaviation S.L. - entire name : Benfica Sport e Lisboa its name says that the clube is besieged in Lisbon, in front of the stadium of Sporting Clube of Portugal is also written in great letters its right name as I explain previously !

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